Covid-19 Protocol for Rehearsals – Autumn Term 2021

(1) Each member is asked to have a negative Lateral Flow test, taken within 48 hours. We are assuming that everyone will have been double vaccinated.

(2) Please do not attend rehearsals if you are unwell.

(3) Masks should be worn by all members when entering and leaving the hall.

(4) One way traffic: in through the usual main door from the car park marked with the In arrow and then out through the door to the car park marked with the OUT arrow.

(5) Seats should be sanitised and placed not less than one metre apart for all singers (sanitisers will be provided).

(6) Increased ventilation. The main door to the car park will remain open and also the double doors immediately opposite it on the far side of the hall.

(7) Length of rehearsal: 8.00 – 9.30, with a short break half way through for relaxation (coffee will not be provided!).

(8) Please use disabled toilet (lockable) inside the main door if needed.

(9) If possible, please remain in your seats during the rehearsal and avoid unnecessary ‘mingling’ at the beginning and end.

(10) It is suggested that Musical Director and Piano Accompanist stand/sit on the far side of the hall near the open doors and that the choir sit in a horseshoe shape around this.

(11) We would like the subs to be paid by direct bank transfer to save handling money and/or cheques.

(12) The attendance and safety at rehearsals is at the sole discretion of the members of the choir.